Professor WilkinsonProfessor of Therapeutics

Head of EMIT

Director Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit

Director Office of Translational Research

Honorary Consultant Physician


Tel: 01223 336898

Also WE Parkes British Heart Foundation Senior Clinical Fellow, fellow of the British Hypertension Society, fellow of the British Pharmacological society and fellow of the American Heart Association.

Research Description

My research focuses on understanding the biological pathways underlying systemic hypertension and arteriosclerosis, with a strong emphasis on basic physiology, experimental/translational medicine and early phase interventional clinical trials. Current major research projects include:

  • Validating and developing novel haemodynamic biomarkers
  • Assessing the cause and importance of vascular inflammation in COPD
  • Evaluating the role of sodium and glycosaminoglycans in regulating blood pressure and aortic stiffness
  • Developing non-invasive imaging for vascular inflammation and calcification
  • The impact of cardiovascular risk factors, and novel drugs on nitric oxide production and endothelial function
  • Identify novel stiffening candidates using molecular profiling of human aortae.
  • Identifying difference in antihypertensive drug responses between different ethnic groups in the UK

My group has expertise in vascular physiology/pharmacology, hypertension, endothelial biology and trial design. With Major awards from the BHF, MRC and TSB. I have active collaborations with biomedical engineering, matrix biology, chemistry, and imaging in Cambridge; and external collaborations with the Universities of Cardiff, Manchester, Kings College London, Royal Brompton Hospital, and Macquarie (Australia) and Zurich (Switzerland[M1] ). My group also has developed collaborative partnerships with a number of Pharmaceutical Companies and Device Manufactures.

I led the establishment of the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit, which has full NIHR accreditation, and direct the office of Translational Research in the Clinical School. Both aim to facilitate the development of innovative new therapies.

I also lead the Experimental Medicine training initiative for the University, which aims to provide support and training for clinicians and non-clinicians interested in clinical research. Applications from prospective PhD and MD candidates from both clinical and science backgrounds, as well as students in MPhil Clinical Sciences, are always welcomed

 Recent Publications